Press Releases


2010-07-20 Lam Soon’s Flour and Edible Oil Businesses Both Earn the Awards of “2010 Guangdong Top 500 Enterprises” and “2010 Guangdong Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises”
2010-05-13 Lam Soon Edible Oil Formula Obtains its First National Patent, 4:1 Oil Formula in “Red Lantern” Product Leads New Industry Trend
2010-05-04 Lam Soon’s Knife Brand Edible Oil and Flour Products Manufactured in Mainland China Production Plant Earn Reader’s Digest “Trusted Brand Gold Prize” and Product Safety Certificate
2009-09-29 激情南順,擁抱金壇 (Chinese only)
2008-10-17 Our Premium Quality Brands in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
2007-12-06 In Memory of Mr. Whang Tar Choung, A Tribute to the Honorary Chairman of Lam Soon (Hong Kong) Limited
2006-08-28 Lam Soon’s Profit Up 58%
2006-01-27 2006新春慈善捐贈活動 (Chinese only)
2005-11-24 「AXE斧頭牌」榮獲2005/2006 年度「香港超級品牌」殊榮 (Chinese only)
2005-10-27 南順香港集團勇奪六項「無障礙優異網站」殊榮.「好媽媽網站」更獲雙金獎 (Chinese only)
2005-09-15 刀嘜好媽媽 健康帶回家 刀嘜純正橄欖油 刀嘜橄欖芥花籽油 (Chinese only)
2005-01-12 南順香港集團五福臨門 南順「美玫牌」麵粉獲頒「二零零四年香港名牌」唯一獲頒發五個「香港名牌」獎項之香港公司 (Chinese only)
2004-09-01 Lam Soon Hong Kong Group’s “Golden Statue” Flour Awarded “China Top Brand” 2004 – 2007
2004-08-08 南順美玫賀金禧50周年「勁食壽包千人齊賀壽」、「美玫超級大胃王大挑戰」 好玩生日派對 (Chinese only)
2004-05-27 南順集團連取四項「無障礙優異網站」殊榮「好媽媽網站」成中港唯一「無障礙」媽媽網站 (Chinese only)
2004-01-12 金像牌麵粉獲頒2003年度「香港十大名牌」南順第四個品牌榮獲此項殊榮 (Chinese only)
2003-12-13 南順於工展會共創品牌展台今揭幕 (Chinese only)
2003-11-25 美玫粉受到航天科學家的歡迎, 錦旗送給上海代理商 (Chinese only)
2003-08-05 南順「刀嘜」「紅燈牌」食油贊助中國國家體育總局訓練局運動員備戰2004年雅典奧運會 (Chinese only)
2003-06-30 南順推出AXE維他命E薰衣草香味護膚洗潔精送來回日本北海道機票連酒店住宿欣賞盛放薰衣草 (Chinese only)