50th Anniversary video

Lam Soon has remained focused on and passionate about its food, cleaning and flour products over the past five decades.
Videos below are presenting Lam Soon background and latest trend of edible oil, cleaning, flour business.


Lam Soon 50th Anniversary Video
The success story of Lam Soon Hong Kong Group


In-depth Feature on Flour Business Trend & Technology
This video shows the process of buying, mashing the grain and the compound which demonstrating the art of flour to the world.


Environmental Friendly Trend in Cleaning Business
“Cleanliness” is not only about individual hygiene issues. As you clean up your household, have you ever wondered the fact that you are only removing the food leftover, the stain, the dirt, residue etc away from your place but actually landing them back on the earth? The new generation with new vision to cleanliness, is to achieve harmonious bio-degradation.


Introduction to Edible Oil – The History & Latest Trend
Edible oil is no longer just a heating medium, but with more ‘healthy components’. This video introduces the national patent formula of fatty acid w-6 and w-3 in the ratio of 4:1, edible oil of reducing bad cholesterol & supporting heart health. Be reminded to make ‘smart choice’ on brand and formula based on the need for you and your family.