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Company Background & History  
Company Background Company Background    
lamsoon Founded in Singapore in the 1930s, Lam Soon first began trading in edible oils, rice and copra. In 1961, Lam Soon began operating in Hong Kong and is a major player in edible oils and home care products in Hong Kong.

In 1997, Hong Leong Group became one of the major shareholders of the Lam Soon Group. The core businesses of Lam Soon Group are oil, flour, detergent and distribution.


Quality and Services

For more than half a century, the Lam Soon name has been synonymous with only the highest quality standards.

At Lam Soon, the assurance to the highest quality standard is maintained by investing in people, process and technology. Our plants are installed with the most advanced equipment and facilities; our professionals are recruited to ensure the management of facilities and production is of the world class standards. We also own one of the largest foreign-owned flour mills in China.

To maintain our premium brands position, we implemented strict quality control at every stage of production beginning from purchasing right through to delivery. This has made our brands of edible oils and detergents the market leaders in Hong Kong, and positioned amongst the top brands in China

Company Background Company History    

  • Relocation of Yixing Plant
  • Opening Ceremony of Lam Soon (Sichuan) Food Company Limited
  • Acquisition of land in Sichuan, PRC and set up of Lam Soon (Sichuan) Food Company Limited
  • Acquisition of Assets for Flour Mill Operations in Jiangsu, PRC and setting up of Jiangsu Lam Soon Food Supply Company Limited
  • Focusing in the Group’s core businesses, including food and consumer products, the Group has disposed its packaging business and developed more premium brand products
  • Acquisition of land in Qingzhou, PRC and established Lam Soon (Shandong) Food Company Limited
  • Shekou Flour Mills expanded its daily wheat processing capacity to 1,200MT and became the largest foreign-owned world-class flourmills in PRC
  • Acquired Jiangsu Jingyuan Flour Mills and set up Jiangsu Lam Soon Flour Mills Company Limited
  • Hong Leong Group became one of the major shareholders of the Lam Soon Group. Hong Leong is one of the largest conglomerates in Malaysia with core businesses of financial services, manufacturing, distribution, property and infrastructure development, etc.
  • Commenced Flour & Oil production at Shekou Port Complex, PRC
  • Relocated Lam Soon Group’s headquarter from Cheung Sha Wan to Tai Po Industrial Estate
  • Commenced operation of Guangzhou Lam Soon Homecare Products Limited in Panyu, PRC
  • Listing of Lam Soon Food Industries Limited on Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • Acquisition of Hong Kong Flour Mills Limited
  • Construction of the first PRC plant at Shekou Port Complex for Flour Milling and Oil Refining
  • Expansion of business in Hong Kong and moved the plant from Kwun Tong to Cheung Sha Wan, at 6 Cheung Yue Street, Kowloon
  • Listing of Lam Soon (Hong Kong) Limited on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in October 1972
  • Lam Soon Group commenced business in Hong Kong and established the first plant in Kwun Tong
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