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Press Release  

2014 - The All-New Knife Supreme Peanut Oil, Enables Mothers to Cook Like Gourmet Chefs At Home  file 14-11-19
  - Statement file 14-10-09
  - Solemn Declaration   Lam Soon Group reiterates: There was no purchase or sale of Chang Guann's “Chuan Tung Fragrant Lard Oil"   Products have been officially tested to ensure consumer safety file 14-09-09
2010 - Lam Soon Kicks Off 50th Anniversary Celebration by Joining the 45th Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo file 10-12-10
  - Lam Soon Announces 2009/10 Annual Results file 10-08-25
  - Lam Soon’s Flour and Edible Oil Businesses Both Earn the Awards of “2010 Guangdong Top 500 Enterprises” and “2010 Guangdong Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises” file 10-07-20
  - Lam Soon Edible Oil Formula Obtains its First National Patent, 4:1 Oil Formula in “Red Lantern” Product Leads New Industry Trend  file 10-05-13
  - Lam Soon’s Knife Brand Edible Oil and Flour Products Manufactured in Mainland China Production Plant Earn Reader’s Digest “Trusted Brand Gold Prize” and Product Safety Certificate file 10-05-04
2008 - Our Premium Quality Brands in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games file 08-10-17
2007 - In Memory of Mr. Whang Tar Choung, A Tribute to the Honorary Chairman of Lam Soon (Hong Kong) Limited file 07-12-06
2006 - Lam Soon's Profit Up 58% file 06-08-28
2004 - Lam Soon Hong Kong Group's "Golden Statue" Flour Awarded "China Top Brand" 2004 - 2007  file 04-09-01
2001 - Lam Soon, New World Mobility and Nokia Launch 'Call828' file 01-06-18
2000 - A Good Harvest For Lam Soon Food Industrial Group & Agricultural Bureau of Heilongjiang Joint Project To Produce High Quality Wheat file 00-08-02
  - Lam Soon's Knife Brand Wins Asia Gold Superbrand Award file 00-04-18
  - Opening Up of China's Agricultural Product Market Benefits Lam Soon's Long-Term Development file 00-04-03
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